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What is FarmHedge?

FarmHedge is a software platform that allows you to send tailored offers to your customers and respond to their requests easily and using the latest technologies.

FarmHedge is a web-based portal that you can use on your personal computer, and a mobile app that is used by your customers to access your offers, make bookings and send input requests.

Send tailored offers to your customers

Receive real-time requests

Why use FarmHedge?

Targeted and controlled offers
Send offers to farmers, matching specific criteria and allow booking of only certain quantities.

Increase transaction frequency
Higher efficiency in communication with farmers through one single digital channel.

Better service for your customers
With FarmHedge you will be able to easily respond to your customers requests.

 Secure and compliant
FarmHedge a secure platform and it  is fully hosted in EU and compliant with the latest privacy regulations.

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