Farming can often be an all-consuming business and lifestyle. If you are running a family farm, you are faced with decisions that will affect the profitability of your farm almost every day. Some of the most important choices you make will be how to buy the right farm inputs at the best price. Deciding on where to source inputs, such as agricultural fuel, concentrate feed, fertiliser and animal health products is time-consuming and because you are just one person, who is running a busy farm enterprise, it is unlikely that you can do a full search of the market.  

You will probably end up buying from a local agribusiness company because you have bought from them last year. That doesn’t mean you’re getting the best possible value or service.

FarmHedge is changing how farmers buy their inputs so that they can reduce the time and energy they currently spend in searching the market. The aim is to help farmers lower their costs and free up some time to focus on farming! If you download the FarmHedge app you can immediately let suppliers know what farm inputs you need for your farm. FarmHedge allows suppliers to bundle your order with orders from similar farmers near you. Suppliers then make a large volume offer to the farmer group and those farmers who wish to participate can use the FarmHedge app to book the farm input they need.   

Why does FarmHedge give me the best value in farm inputs?

One of the really useful features in FarmHedge is that it allows suppliers to quickly create an offer and match it to a group of farmers. They can see all the farmers that have downloaded the FarmHedge app and from this population of farmers they can create a farmer group. The group could be ‘all dairy farmers located within 15 kilometers of town ABC’. Suppliers will typically create an offer that reduces the number of drops they have to make or to sell a specific volume. This lowers their sales and distribution costs and they pass these savings along to farmers through lower prices.    

How does FarmHedge reduce my workload?

As a farmer, you can use FarmHedge to quickly search the market. Once you have the app on your phone, you can quickly and easily identify the farm input you need and send a message to FarmHedge. Within two days, you will receive an offer from a supplier that is a partner of FarmHedge. If the offer price and terms are the best available then you simply use FarmHedge to book delivery of the product to your farm or you collect it at a local collection point. FarmHedge reduces the time and effort in finding the best value and the ability of FarmHedge to quickly arrange fast farm delivery is a significant benefit for farmers.     



How is a ‘FarmHedge farmer group’ different to a traditional purchasing group?

As a farmer, you know the benefits of being part of a group. Traditional purchasing groups are based on the idea that if farmers join together with other farmers they improve their market power and individual farmers in the group will get better prices for key farm inputs. There are some downsides to these purchasing groups. Farmers usually have to pay a fee to support administration and management of the group. Also, in some cases suppliers are reluctant to make offers to purchasing groups as they fear they will not be able to retain them as customers over the longer term.

FarmHedge uses technology to provide farmers with all the benefits of being part of a group, but without the costs and inconvenience. Once you download and register on the app, you have the choice to participate in large volume offers made by suppliers. You are grouped with other farmers based on your farm type or farm location. The group that you are part of will change from offer to offer. The supplier will create a group that best matches the offer he wants to make. His objective is to minimises his sales and distribution costs and these savings are passed along to farmers through lower input prices.

As a farmer, you receive an offer as a ‘push notification’ to your mobile phone. Once you tap on this you go into the FarmHedge app. In the app you will be able to see that there are other farmers participating in the offer. They might be your friends or neighbours, but each farmers identity remains private. You keep your independence, so that you can decide whether use FarmHedge and participate in the offer or to buy your farm inputs in the traditional way. If you like the offer, then you simply book the amount of the farm input that you need and this is received as an order by the supplier.

Why do suppliers work with FarmHedge?

For suppliers of farm inputs, our technology platform provides them with a way to quickly communicate to a large population of farmers. They can easily create an offer and match it to a group of farmers. For local suppliers, FarmHedge allows them to offer a better service to their existing customers and also connect with new farmers who may live in remote areas. By using FarmHedge they can reduce their costs and share these benefits with farmers.


At FarmHedge, farming is in our DNA! We use technology to improve how information is used to lower costs and make farming easier!  

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