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FarmHedge products overview

This post is an overview of FarmHedge main products and features.

FarmHedge provides a mobile app that allows farmers to buy farm inputs and sell their crop. The app is available for download on Android and iOS currently in Ireland, Austria and Germany. FarmHedge also provide a web based portal for agribusinesses who can provide farm inputs to farmers and buy their crop. The portal is accessible online here.

The currently workflow is very simple: let’s say a supplier want to sell farm inputs to a group of farmers in the area of Dublin. The extremely user-friendly supplier portal allows the user to create a circle on the map, select the farmers registered on FarmHedge (through the mobile app) and send them a push notification. When the farmer taps on the push notification, an offer page is displayed. At that point the farmer can specify the amount needed.

The platform offer full flexibility on discount models. The supplier can specify offers like 1 item for €10, 3 for €25. A “group discount” can also easily configured. If a group of farmers buy a certain amount of product, the group as a whole will receive a discount.

Both the mobile app and the supplier portal are fully translated in German. A new functionality called “Crop procurement” has recently been shipped and trialled in Austria as part of thanks to a collaboration with the Agro Innovation Lab accelerator.


On the mobile app, farmers can also express their preferences. These preferences are sent to the FarmHedge Matching Engine that allow farmers to receive offers pertinent to their requests and the farm types they specified during the registration process. At FarmHedge we value the time of our users and we don’t want to spam them with unwanted offers!


For more information, feel free to contact us on or start chatting with us using the icon on the bottom right of this page.

If you want to know more about how the features described above actually work, get a look to the FarmHedge technical overview here.

Thanks for reading!