POSTED 13th February 2018 / IN: FarmHedge features,Technology / BY Bernardino Frola

Multi-browser support

Our FarmHedge customer app now fully supports Internet Explorer (IE). Or at least supports any non-embarrassingly old versions of IE, which is anything starting from IE11, the oldest version supported by Microsoft and therefore considered as “secure”.

David Heinemeier in his book Rework (great book by the way) says that you should not keep track of customer requests. They will do that for you. The most important requests will just come over and over and will they remind you of themselves. Well, if that concept is applied to the FarmHedge customer app, then the request for IE support falls under the category of the ones that remind of themselves.

Problem: how do I test IE support on a Mac?

I love Mac for development, fast, unix-style terminal, compatibility. But there’s no IE for Mac. As a solution to this, the Microsoft partnership with BrowserStack allows (limited) free access to Windows and IE virtual environments. The very interesting part is that these virtual environments can magically access the local address space.

First you select the version of the operating system and browser, IE in this case:

Then a virtual environment will rapidly show up with a IE browser opened. Let’s say your app is running on http://localhost:3000/, then the virtualised browser will be able to access it. Here is an example of IE running from within Chrome using BrowserStack showing the FarmHedge customer app:

Thanks for reading this!