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Buy inputs, sell crops
Farmhedge gives farmers all the benefits of being part of a group and earning volume-based discounts on farm inputs. Farmhedge also allows farmer to sell their crop easily and securely.
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Do you need to buy fertiliser? Or maybe you want to sell part of your crop? Let agribusinesses know through the app and they will send you offers.
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About us

FarmHedge was founded in 2016 as a spin-out company from the University of Limerick. Co-Founders John Garvey (CEO) and Bernardino Frola (CTO) built the FarmHedge platform as a way for farmers to easily coordinate their decisions with other farmers when buying farm inputs or selling crops. In this way, FarmHedge creates value for farmers and gives them access to a mobile and secure tool for agribusiness transactions. Agribusiness companies that become FarmHedge partners have a trusted platform that they can use to easily match farmers’ requirements with high-value offers on products and services.

Our office

Dogpatch Labs, The chq Building, Dublin 1