Join with other farmers to book your farm inputs and save money.

FarmHedge is a new mobile application that saves money for farmers and reduces costs for farm suppliers. It allows farmers to book deliveries of major inputs such as feed, fertilizer and animal health products from their regular suppliers.

Precise on-farm weather risk information and alerts using local hourly and ten-day forecasts are also available to FarmHedge users.


Weather Alerts

The FarmHedge app uses your farm’s location to create a set of weather alerts relating to Grass Growth, Environment & Safety, Harvesting, Fertilising & Seeding and Animal Health. We combine the best hourly and ten-day weather forecasts with your farm’s 10-year weather history to create useful alerts that can guide your activities for the coming day as well as the next ten days.

Booking Inputs

By helping local farmers to coordinate their buying decisions, FarmHedge can reduce input costs for suppliers and these savings are passed to farmers as a discount on input prices. Over the coming months, it will be possible for  farmers to book inputs such as feed, fertilizer and animal health products from their regular suppliers on the FarmHedge app. Once booked, the product will be either delivered to your farm or you will collect it from your supplier. You pay your supplier in the usual way.

FarmHedge Discounts

The costs of major farm inputs such as feed, fertilizer and animal health products can be reduced if farmers provide their suppliers with early demand information and coordinate their purchasing decisions in local groups. The FarmHedge app improves this information flow between farmers and suppliers. By reducing the operational costs of suppliers, farmers using the FarmHedge app will benefit through discounts applied to input prices. Suppliers encourage farmers to book using  FarmHedge by making two discount levels available.

Individual Discount

This is the minimum discount level that applies to all individual bookings on FarmHedge. It is the cost saving above the regular price of the product. 

Group Discount

Once a FarmHedge deal is fully cleared by a group of local farmers then the individual discount is replaced with a higher group discount.



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